Frequently Asked Questions

1. 1. How do I earn from Magda Monged ?

There are many different ways to earn:


1) OFFER WALLS - Our offer walls pay one of the highest rates in the industry.

You simply fill out the surveys, complete different tasks, watch videos, visit websites or shortlinks, and get instantly paid for it!

Depending on the country, we have up to 10.000+ different offers available!


2) ADVERTISEMENTS - Very simple, just open an advertisement on the "View Ads" page, keep it open until the timer finishes, fill the captcha and you get credited!

Also, you need to view 4 advertisements daily to earn your referral commission.


3) UPGRADE ACCOUNT - Upgrading your account have many different benefits, for example, you can rent more referrals, refer more or buy unlimited direct referrals, your direct referral commission is much higher, and you can withdraw more often! + Your own advertisement clicks pay you more!

Each membership has additional advantages over the other, and the higher the membership value, the higher your profits in everything in rented referrals and direct referrals, as well as clicking on ads, the value of clicks doubles


4) DIRECT REFERRALS - Direct referrals are the ones you do not need to rent, but keep forever! You can get referrals by sharing your REFERRAL LINKADVERTISING OUR BANNERSBUYING DIRECTLY FROM SITE, and using a REFERRAL SUBSCRIPTION!

You earn a direct referral commission every time your referral views Advertisements, completes Offers&Surveys, Upgrades an account, buys Advertising, or buys Referral Subscription!

5) RENTED REFERRALS - Rented referrals you rent monthly basis, you pay $0.20 per referral once you rent them, and they earn you back a bit more than that. 

From there your mission is to make your referral price as low as possible, for that, you can use AutoPay or extend your referrals, the longer you extend them, the smaller price you pay per month. For example, if you use AutoPay then your monthly rental price comes down to $0.18 per month, or if you extend them for 240 days rental price will come to just $0.14 per month.

For the best result, you should click the necessary 4 advertisements daily to earn from your referrals, and monitor your referrals, as if they stop clicking, they need recycling.

To project your possible earnings, you can use our Rented Referrals Calculator!


6) MagdaGRID - By clicking anywhere on the photo opens an advertisement, wait until the timer runs out, and you will see how much you've won!

Every advertisement view wins!


7) CONTESTS - We have some contest(s) running every few months on one of our websites, where the most active ones will earn an extra bonus!



We continue working on new ways to earn all the time, will continue updating the list once we add something new!


2. 2. How long does the withdrawal process take?

Valid payments are processed within 7 days of the request.


3. What is the price per click for a Bronze Membership?

The price per click in the Bronze membership for each ad is 0.12

The price per click in the Silver membership for each ad is 0.24

The price per click in the Gold membership for each ad is 0.394

The price per click in the Moissanite membership for each ad is 0.52

The price per click in the Diamond membership for each ad is 0.40





4. 5. How much costs to rent referrals?
You can rent referrals monthly (30 calendar days) to click for you.

The rental price for each referral per 30 days is $0.20, no matter how many referrals you have.
Using AutoPay you will save 10% ($0.006 per day per referral), there are no minimum days required for referral to have for AutoPay to work.

There's also a discount if you extend them for more than 15 days:
15 days - 0%
30 days -5%
60 days -10%
90 days -15%
150 days -20%
240 days -30%


5. 7. What should I do if my Rented Referral stops clicking?

You need to recycle it, only then it does start clicking again!


6. 8. Can other people in my household join as well?

No! We allow only 1 account per household / IP / Computer. If there's more than 1 account, our system will ban BOTH accounts automatically. 


7. 9. What is your minimum payout?

$2.00 for all the memberships and all the times!


8. 10. Which payment processors you use?

We use AirTM, PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, paypal and advcash


9. 9. Do you have any withdrawal rules?

There are no withdrawal rules!


Your payment processor does not have to be verified.

We have no ROI% rule.

No Cashout points.

You can use different payment processors for Deposits/Withdrawals.



10. My withdrawal was refunded back to my balance?

Make sure your payment address is correct!


PerfectMoney: U1234567

Payeer: email address or P1234567

AirTM: email address

BTC,LTC: wallet address



11. I cannot see any ads on View Ads page

You need to disable all adblocking plugins/software for Magda Monged.


12. What is AutoPay?

AutoPay extends your rented referral day by day if activated, and also saves you 10% of the cost ($0.006 per day per rented referral, $0.18 per month per rented referral).

If AutoPay is activated, it takes money from your Purchase balance, $0.006 per day per referral, and extends your rented referral for 1 day.

It only does that if your rented referral has clicked advertising this day, if your rented referral does not click that day, it will not take money from your account and will not extend your rented referral.

There are no minimum days required for referral to have for AutoPay to work.